Post Modern Jukebox Help kick off the Holidays with this great cover

For the past few years I have been enjoying the music of Post Modern Jukebox, I have even been called a hipster for listening to them, I have dragged my girlfriend out when we are almost broke to see them and I find them highly entertaining. Though all they do is covers, they are a breath of fresh air in this modern musical void. With all that in mind I am pumped that the latest cover was of Don’t Stop Believing, originally by Journey and made famous again by Glee, I am not ashamed to say that I have seen both live. The icing on this rhythmic cake is that the video is one long unbroken take and just looks stunning. Set at a glamourous party this tune is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season with amazing vocals by Sara Niemietz, Rayvon Owen, Thia, Megia, Blake Lewis and dancing to make anyone envious by Caley & Kelsey and Minn Vo & The Hollywood Hotshots this is one of their most ambitious and amazing projects yet.

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