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Spider-Man on the PS4 can not come soon enough

Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever you want in this PS4 game, what do you think fellow nerds, does it have a nice ring to it, or is my song complete garbage. Moving on from the obvious to the even more obvious, the New Spider-Man game has us true believers practically salivating while waiting for the our favorite wall crawling hero to make his triumphant return to gaming. What makes this entry in the franchise stand out to me is the fact that its time jumped to a point where Peter is 23 years old and has been Spider-Man since he was 15, in fact the game begins with you defeating the King Pin and this leads to a new leader in the world of organised crime stepping out of the shadows in the Form of Mr Negative. Mr Negative turns out to be an even bigger threat than the King Pin ever was and this is going to cause Peter a lot of problems, personal and heroic. Having Peter deal with the consequences of his actions is a great theme for this game and one that continually runs throughout the Spider-Man mythos. Of course we will have other villains popping up to such as the Shocker and Harry Osborn all the while you will have Manhattan as your personal play ground. With a new suit, a host of Spider-Man characters, a compelling plot and a game that lets you truly behave like the Wall Crawler, this looks to be on of 2018’s top games.

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