The Last of us II just give me shivers

Video games are the most complex form of entertainment, combining Television/Film, basic games, music and story telling, from the moment our earliest ancestors sat round a fire at night telling stories of Gods and Monsters, it set us as a species on a path, one where all forms of art would converge into the video game industry. An industry which has given us some of some of the greatest forms of story telling we have ever seen, Mass effect, Elder Scrolls, Heavy Rain and of course the Last of Us. Back in 2013  the original game blew everyone away with its unique idea and story telling, where Joel, a smuggler is reluctantly tasked with protecting and escorting a teenage girl named Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. the sequel seems like its taken things into an even more grim and dark place, where part 1 was all about love part 2 is going to focus on hate. The newest Trailer reveals four new characters: Yara (played by Victoria Grace), Lev (Ian Alexander), Emily (Emily Swallow), and as yet to be named character played by Laura Bailey. Its been stated that the characters “are integral to Ellie and Joel’s next journey”. I can feel the money flying from my pockets….

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