Blizzard adds some fantastic features to BattleNet

This news is a little serendipitous, just yesterday I was bored and looking at my Battlenet account, thinking that it looked rather dull and dreary. Then the news drops that players will be able to add custom avatars and a brief introduction/biography to their profile is just fantastic. Furthermore, players will be able to create groups and invite their friends to them. But the fun does not stop there. All users will have the access to different chat channels, channels that they can access from their phones. If your worried about being bombarded with requests and not being left alone, dont worry old chums, Blizzard has you covered there too with a welcomed addition in the Appear Offline status. So you can hide away from people until your ready to game.

This is probably the most enticing part the ability to gift your friends from Battlenet. As a HearthStone and Overwatch player I have purchased some decks and loot boxes for myself and its nice that now I can finally do the same for my friends. So for instance say you have a friend who really wants a new Overwatch skin but has had shit luck getting the ones they wanted well fear not because now you can send them some Loot Boxes to cheer them up. Also just as in game, the more you purchase, the more you save.

This just shows how savvy Blizzard truly are, they understand that playing with friends is the best way to play and not only that they have introduced new features to help their uesers meet new like minded individuals.

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