The Loot I want from Blizz Con 2017

With Blizzcon coming up I have been looking at the online store and there is some merchandise that I seriously want to get my greedy hands on, sadly I need to save my money so most of this is unlikely to happen, though who knows I may get one or two of the items .

5. Diablo Beanie

Its getting to that time of year when the nights are getting colder and my ears need to stay warm. this hat would be perfect for that, especially since its subtle enough to pass as normal hat where only the most hardcore fans will know its gaming related.

4. Overwatch Artbook.

if your like me you will have a massive collection of Art books which are almost pointless, until they are not. Art books are great to just flick through and get lost in, especially if you’re seeking inspiration from somewhere new. Plus just looking at these samples I cant help but want #drools

3. World Of Warcraft Field Jacket.

Just like with the Diablo Beanie this jacket is average enough that no one will suspect it of being Gamer related, Its a nice natural colour and it just looks cozy. Plus in case of some sort of apocalypse scenario this jacket seems like it will keep you camouflaged #improviseadaptovercome

2. Mei themed Slippers

Who doesn’t want to unleash their inner Mei especially in the Winter when every morning it feels like your crawling out of a cryogenic induced sleep. These are not practical in the slightest but they are oh so fluffy you know your feet will be safe and sound in them, no stubbed toes equals a happy me.

Honorable Mention

DVA Hoodie


This one totally deserved an honorable mention, honestly its not that its pink, its just that it is so pink that it would make me stick out like a sore thumb, at least on my figure. I do not suit anything so bright and daring but guys if your a DVA player I suggest you get this hoodie and wear it with pride, now there is  a blue one on offer but come on, the pink just looks cooler.

1.Goodie Bag

This little number snatched the top spot because well its the one I ended up buying, the backpack is pretty functional and will show other fans that you have attended plus it has a few cool collectables inside, meaning this is a must have for obsessive nerds like myself. 

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