Who are Rey’s Parents?

Since her appearance in the franchise many have been wondering who is Rey? What does she have to do with the franchise? and Who are her parents? Here are my favourite two theories on Rey’s parentage and why I think they would work.

This may be a stretch but if Rey was to be related to any previous characters then it my opinion it would most likely be the Emperor. One of the major concepts of Star Wars was that Anakin bringing balance to the force and if Kylo was the child of a light side turned dark then Rey would be the mirror opposite, you can see this is their gender reversal, the armies they fight with and they way the join, where Kylo sought out the First order, Rey fell into the hands of the resistance.The two characters are diametrically opposed to each other. Not only that but In the trailer we hear Luke say:

Luke Skywalker:  I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.

We are lead to believe he is speaking about Kylo and he probably is, but what if he is talking about Palpatine. The Emperor was a force to be reckoned with. He was even considered to be an Avatar of the Dark Side of the force. Kylo has shown incredible force powers, such as stopping a blaster round with just the force, but is this the raw power Luke is talking about?

Did the Emperor have a secret child?

The first major question would be why Jakku, if she really was the Emperors Daughter, why leave her on Jakku? Simply put he would need her toughened up, stronger, more powerful. A child being abandoned at a young age on such a harsh planet would be filled with anger and hatred towards their family (perfect for feeding the dark side), especially if in the end this was all revealed to be a test, that would piss anyone off. Perhaps the unexpected meeting of Chewie, Han, Finn and BB-8 would be the thing to snap her our of her darker thoughts, though this friendship could be the thing to eventually lead her down the darker path. Now your probably thinking the Emperor was a dick but he is a big enough dick to abandon his daughter on a planet, to fend for herself, well yes he did this and much worse to Maul, whom he raised from a very young age. Like Maul Rey also uses a staff weapon, before she switches to a light saber.

In many ways Maul was a son to Palpatine but he was treated in a cruel and brutal manner

Another reason for Jakku is the planet was apart of the Emperors contingency plan for the downfall of the Empire. It had his observatory on it, a collection of Sith artefacts, possible a Force Nexus and it was the last stand of the Empire. It would be strange to have all this information and not have Rey be connected to any of it. Also there is this weird scream you can hear at 22 seconds into the latest trailer that vaguely sounds like the emperors, but maybe I am over thinking it.

She also has a few more things in common with Palpatine, the use of speeder bikes, Palpatine in his youth was an avid speeder bike fan and as we know Rey is a Speeder bike user, but this may be more circumstance than proof. What some consider proof could be her accent, its one of the British accents unlike most heroes who have American accents. Another factor is her sheer ferocity in battle, maybe this is her untrained nature but Palpatine was a monster when he went into combat, who would constantly press the attack, just like Rey does at the end of the Force awakens.

If you look at this moment, the way she holds the blade in pushing forward with the tip is similar to how the Emperor also dueled.

My other theory is that Rey is just unrelated to any of the older characters in the series. The question is does she really need to be a Skywalker or something else like that? Having her be an heir to this title kinda takes away from being a strong independent female character. In the end I am sure that the writers have an idea what they are doing. Though there are other compelling theories such as her perhaps being Obi-Wan’s secret child, or being the daughter of Ezra and Sabine from rebels, I just do not see how these would work I would rather her secretly be Jar Jar the whole time that either of those.

Fear the might of Darth Jar Jar



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