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A look at Star Trek Discovery after the premier

We boldly went where many have gone before, Star Trek discovery finally hit screens world wide and it did not disappoint. The series sets a darker tone for this particular period in the Star Trek Universe. So far its unlike any of its predecessor series and different from the films too.

As much as everyone loves the human characters I myself was always drawn to the alien characters, the devious Vulcans, the corrupt Ferangi and of course the Warlike Klingon, through each of these species it was like holding a mirror up to ourselves and seeing our darker sides. Discovery does not disappoint with the various Aliens on the enterprise finally looking better than a bunch of people in bad make up with something stuck on their foreheads and the Klingons, on what I think is their forth form in the series, now looking like the badass warrior race we always knew they where. This time round they are depicted as tall beastial warriors, ferocious, imposing andfilled with their own brand of honor, the perfect counter balance for the peaceful federation.  nice touch for the Klingons is that they are less homogeneous now with several skin colours and they even have them speaking Klingon instead of English.

When making this series they really spared no expense, the visuals are simply stunning, the sets engrossing and the special effects are top notch. Discovery will go down as one of the best produced shows of its time. I honestly think that the creative team looked at past series and determined that most of the action happens on the bridge, thus they needed one hell of a bridge for the crew to be on. Even the costumes look to be of a high caliber than previous series and further help bridge the gap between Enterprise and The original series.

I cannot stress how gorgeous this series is, every shot was meticulously taken, every set was built with great care and every aspect was brought together in such a meticulous way that for the first time in a long time I honestly felt genuinely  sucked into a Star Trek series. Though all these sets, directing, cinematography and special effects would mean nothing if not for the stellar casting choices with Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh and their fantastic mother daughter type relationship that drove the first two episodes plot.

As much as I loved the first two episodes I am worried that it will be hard to maintain such a high standard over a full run and that with the leaving of Michelle Yeoh the series will be missing something special. Though having Jason Isaacs replace her should be interesting, seriously if he is in a  show I will watch it, that man tends to be very picky with his roles and thats why en ends up with some amazing parts.

What really sucked me in was all the little touches, having the Klingon’s speak Klingon, Michelle Yeoh being allowed to decorate her Captains Ready Room, using the same sound affects as The Original Series, similar phaser design to the original series, uniforms that harken back to Enterprise, the Vulcan nerve pinch and of course a theme that reminded us of the original but more modern. The first 2 episodes could have been a great stand alone Tv special but I honestly think they will boldly take us to better things

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