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The Good Place has arrived on Netflix to give you something good in your life.

The good place starts off with a simple premise, that when you die your good and bad deeds are tallied up and if the good that you do out weighs the bad, by a massive amount, then you go to the good place. Once in the good place everything you could ever want is provided for you, you get your dream house, you meet your soul mate, there are no hangovers and you cannot curse (for some reason).  The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop, played by the always incredible Kristen Bell, she wakes up after dying to find out that she has been brought to Heaven/The Good Place, the only problem is that Eleanor is a really shitty person and should be in the bad place. Armed with this knowledge and a very supportive soul mate Eleanor embarks on a quest of self discovery to try and become the best person she can be.

Along the way Eleanor is forced to deal with a lot of people and for her this is an issue, because Eleanor really hates people. Her first major relationship in death is with her ‘Soul Mate’ Chidi Anagonye, a deceased ethics professor who was born in Nigeria and raised in Senegal, then she has her neighbours  Tahani Al-Jamil, a deceased, wealthy philanthropist who traveled extensively around the world and Tahani’s soul mate Jianyu Li a Buddhist monk from Taiwan who has taken a vow of silence. As fun as these three are the real scene stealers for me are Janet, a programmed guide who acts as the neighborhood’s main source of information and Micheal, played by the always brilliant Ted Danson. Micheal is the creator and manager of this particular section of the afterlife and if anything goes wrong its on his head.

This is an unusual series and it will take you to some unexpected places. Its absurd humour combined with down to earth story telling and odd ball characters, it’s a mismatch that works so well. In a televised world where Superheroes, zombies, vampires and procedural dramas rein supreme having a unique gem of a show like this is wonderful. A show that will make you laugh and make you feel something too. Yes its a situational comedy but its one with a twist, a twist that keeps it refreshing and sweet.

Fans of the show will know that I am leaving out some major plot details, but this is all done on purpose because lets face it, the Good Place is a slow burner and its best enjoyed one episode at a time, so go on Netflix, grab a cup of tea, or a nice white wine, put up your feat and enjoy. The only spoiler I will even say is this show will end up being very different from what you think.

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