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Batwoman Issue #1 Comic Book Review

From her first appearance a few years ago Batwoman has quickly become a fan favourite, she incorporates everything great about the Bat Family while being new, fresh and modern. Ok she is a little more violent than the majority of the Bat’s allies but unlike someone such as the Huntress she has discipline and can keep her composure even when shit goes bad. Batwoman is quite literally a woman on a mission and with her military records she may be the perfect woman to go round the Earth and hunt down a terrorist force like no other. I won’t spoil too much here because well that just sucks the fun out of the series now doesn’t it? But DC have approached Batwoman in a very interesting way, they are using her now as a counter terrorist which is brilliant in so many ways, it gives us a greater variety of stories for her to take part in, new types of villains for her to fight and more importantly stories that can feel a little more real, plus it’s taking the fight from Gotham’s streets to the high seas, this is shaping up to be one hell of a series.

A series with not one but two strong female leads is a big enough appeal for a reader like me, but with gorgeous art I am officially a sucker and will be reading this series as much as possible. Every page is a visual treat with two distinct styles in the series, a gorgeous vibrant colourful look followed by this magnificent noir style that I really cannot stress is just beautiful and alluring, I was so tempted to show you it, but no I am going to be a tease and if you want to see it you’re going to have to either pick up the series and see it for yourselves or you’re gonna have to ask me nicely. This series is helping show that DC has the edge in the diversity department with diverse characters and diverse stories, it’s definitely worth a read.

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