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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11 Comic Book Review

With Billy and Tommy missing in action it’s all coming to a head in this dramatic story line. Though the rangers are unaware of their missing comrades location we the readers have a fair idea of where or possibly when they are and who their dreaded foe really is. The Green and Blue Rangers are stranded in a strange yet familiar world, one that appears to be the darkest timeline and here we continue to unravel the mystery of the Black Dragon and meet the villainous and mysterious Lord Drakkon.


Though even in this hostile environment our intrepid heroes can find an ally, a new face to them, but an old face to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan boys and fan girls out there. This is a great deviation from the original story, finally showing us what a world under Rita would look like, while showing us more depth in our villains and even one of our heroes. To make this eclectic mix even more delightful they give us glimpses to the future of the series and where it will eventually lead us. With a cover that reminds us of Planet of the Apes and an entire storyline that plays homage to such classic science fiction tropes, ie the Darkest Timeline, this comic book series is proving to be one of the best Power Rangers story lines ever. This issue just continues a few plot threads but for every question it answers it leaves us a few more, going down the rabbit hole has never felt so good.


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