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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #10 Comic Book Review


Just sit back down there kids because Power Rangers is about to get pretty philosophical. The series is taking a detour from the original format and doing a book all about Billy, who is probably the most underrated of the Power Rangers. He is someone who has had the least fighting capability but showed time and time again that brains can not only match but overcome brawn. He outsmarted the enemy while helping outfit the Rangers with all the best tech, it is only fair that we take a minute to recognise his work. Not only do we acknowledge his contribution but we also take this time to look at the heroes quest, or heroes journey if you will and what that means to us. Do life changing events change us or do we change the events? What does it take to make us a hero and are heroes allowed to be afraid?



Though this story takes us to a different place than the other issues it’s still a worthwhile story to read. It’s a definite change of pace but one that helps the series by giving you more depth which can never really be a bad thing. The writers have really shone a light on the Ranger’s downtime. We see them being vulnerable and that really helps show them to be the heroes they are. Billy is set off down this course by the fact that he failed and let his friends down, that is as human as it gets as we all fail and we all make mistakes and sometimes we really let down the ones we love and that can hurt. When I say it can hurt what I mean is that it can hurt us more sometimes than it hurts them, we begin to doubt ourselves and then we begin to doubt in the self that our friends believe in and this leads to fear which can break a team easily. This simple short story really touches home with me and if you’re going to read one issue from this series then this is definitely the one that I’d advise anyone to pick up and read.


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