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Red Hood and The Outlaws #2 Comic Book Review

red hood

This comic book series is for the rebel in everyone. Red Hood is taking his place in the DC pantheon and he is taking it by force and he is not alone. Jason Todd is currently working undercover trying to infiltrate the Black Mask’s evil organisation. Working as a double agent is never an easy thing, though when you need to go up against an Amazon like Artemis things are never going to be easy. Both characters are used to living in the shadow of other more established heroes and both have the colour red running in their styles, they are both violent badasses but with good intentions. I am so glad DC are using these chances to move lesser known characters into the spot light, it shows they are growing as a company and in that process they are creating some great books. The latest issue is a fact paced and adrenaline driven. You get to see into the mind of someone trained by the Amazonians and someone trained by the Bat, it’s an interesting yet even fight. As comic book series go this looks to be an action packed thrill ride.


Red Hood and The Outlaws #2 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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