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Iscariot (2015) Graphic Novel Review


Judging by its name I had assumed this was going to be some biblical tale of betrayal and silver but I was pleasantly surprised to find a tale that had reminded me of Avatar rather than Jesus.

This is another unique tale brought to us by Boom! Studios. This is a tale about one of the last living magic users in the world and a young cancer ridden girl who wants to learn to use magic to help make the world a better place.

Even Boom! Studios praised it highly on their official website by comparing it to great Japanese animators such as Hayao Miyazaki.


If you’ve read S.M. Vidaurri’s first original graphic novel Iron: Or the War After or his issue of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches, you might understand when we say his watercolor styling are hauntingly beautiful to look at—they have a soft gentleness to them, yet can convey the most stark of imagery. His new OGN has us completely mesmerized once again, invoking comparisons to the works of Hayao Miyazaki.

iscar2I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre and this is a very pragmatic yet whimsical view of the fantasy genre. We see the world through Carson’s eyes as she begins her first steps to master magic. Iscariot is full of unique mythological and philosophical ideas that help mould and create this world. It’s a slow but beautiful start to what will probably become one of my favourite and most enchanting stories of 2015. Just sit back and enjoy this young girl’s journey as she discovers magic from Iscariot and also that his intentions might not have been as altruistic as it first appeared, and learns the hard way that magic comes at a cost.iscar3

Iscariot is available to buy from Boom! Studios official website by clicking here.

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