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Cognetic (2015) Comic Book Issue 1-3 Review


Humans pride ourselves on our individual nature, it’s one of our greatest strengths and where we draw much of our power from. As an individual we can avoid the problems that being part of the herd offers us, the individual is what makes us truly us. But what if that’s not how things are supposed to be? Cognetic tells the story of a once powerful psychic that controlled a huge portion of the population in a dangerous hive mind, now they are back and they want all they lost and more. In contrast to this we see a young women rise up to the challenge and become our only hope in this battle for our very selves.


If you have ever read the Memetic comic series then you will love this mini series. This is a whole new apocalyptic tale and we can thank James Tynion IV (The Woods, UFOlogy and the aforementioned Memetic) and his partner in crime artist Eryk Donovan for another fantastic story.


The theme of this series is control and our struggle for it which is what makes this series both relatable and human. We all have that fear of loosing control, in this series they flip that and show us the problems in having absolute control if we where able to create a perfect world. But there’s always a price for playing God…


Each issue in this mini series is packed with 48 pages! I wish there could be more as the art work is both stunningly beautiful and vividly colourful. There is something so engrossing about it. This is a wonderful mini comic book series that I struggled to put down from the first moment I picked it up. If you’re looking for something different then this is the book for you.


The Cognetic full series, issue 1-3, is available from Boom! Studios official website by clicking here.

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