MUrgency is the new Emergency Response Network

MUrgency (pronounced as em – urgency ) is a full suite of emergency response, safety, security and communication services. This is a global network of emergency responders. In short the people of MUrgency have came up with a brilliant idea. They are using the internet and phones to create something useful and something that brings people together and actually will help people plus make their lives expotentially better. If you are facing a medical emergency, you can use MUrgency to call a credentialed MUrgency responder to care for you. MUrgency offers a network of credentialed emergency medical professionals  including doctors, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, health workers, first aid assistants and Red Cross volunteers who are willing and able to help an individual facing an emergency. But it does so much more than this.


When you join you can create a virtual profile with all your details on it and this will help with any medical issues. You can also use the device to locate any emergency facilities, which can be useful if you are in a foreign place. Beyond this, the app has two wonderful uses that are great for everyone.


  1. MUrgency VIRTUAL BODYGUARD. This feature is designed for individuals who are traveling alone, visiting an unfamiliar location or meeting up with someone new. MUrgency Virtual Bodyguard will allow your MUrgency Trusted Network to monitor your location and movement to ensure you are safe at all times. If you’re in a taxi in a strange city or going for a meeting with a stranger, MUrgency Virtual Bodyguard helps keep you secure.
  2. MUrgency also facilitates SHOUTOUT (communicating) to other MUrgency Users who are within a radius of 500 meters to 25 kilometers. If you’re stranded on the highway, lost in a foreign city or looking for a lost child, nearby MUrgency Users offering their assistance make up a valuable resource when you shout out to them through the MUrgency App.


Not so long ago I wrote about the dark and inhumane side to technology and how we need to keep that in check, well this is as humane as it gets. Obviously someone will at some point try and abuse this, but this idea has such positive applications it will not only change lives, but save them too. The app is currently available on both Android and Apple by visiting their official website by clicking here.

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