Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) Film Review


I’m a huge fan of the Elseworlds comics including Red Son, Kingdom Come, Gotham by Gaslight and Justice League of America: The Nail.

When I heard that DC comics where going to release an original Elseworlds film of their own I was very excited. In the world of Gods and Monsters Superman is Hernan Guerra.


He is the son of General Zod who was rocketed to Earth as a child and raised by a family of honorable and hardworking Mexican migrant farmers. Having to go through the troubles that illegal immigrants have in the United States leads him to become short tempered and withdrawn from humanity.

Batman is Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a scientist who after graduating college has inadvertently transformed himself into a form of pseudo-vampire in an attempt to cure his cancer. He feed on criminals to satisfy his hunger after his hunger begins to eat away at his humanity.


Wonder Woman is Bekka, a New God and the widow of Darkseid’s son Orion who fled Apokolips for Earth using a mother box-sword after the New God Highfather killed her husband in a massacre of the Apokolips royal family.


This is an interesting twist on the original big three and it has changed the whole world around them. It’s very easy to forget how much Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman shaped the world around them.


The current Justice League is government backed, though unlike the main stream team they are paranoid and angry at the world, plus they have no problems in killing their opponents. This does make them a more powerful team and much more dangerous force but their danger breeds fear and paranoia in the populace that they have sworn to defend. With this much more violent team you have a lot less villains in the world which is probably why you have the smaller league.

Though there are plenty of DC characters that show up in different capacities including Dr Magnus, The Metal Men, Lex Luthor, Amanda Waller,  Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi, Pete Ross, Louis Lane, Emil Hamilton, Victor Stone, Dr Sivana and many many more.I could list more off but I would be here all day doing so. Let’s just say this new world has plenty of throw backs and references to the main DC universe, enough to make every fan boy cry with joy and for the people out there that are not huge DC Fans these reference won’t get in the way of your enjoyment of the film.

To give an example of the world we are seeing please see the videos below:


I absolutely loved this picture it was a great piece of film, so much so that I ended up watching it twice in one day but my absolute highlight of the entire film was Michael C. Hall as Batman.


Seeing our favorite blood themed serial killer as a blood sucking vampire was just a great casting choice and any fans of Dexter are going to love him in this film, he is just awesome in it. It’s a film that will make you think about circumstance and how that affects us and no matter what we have a choice in our destiny even if chance deals us a few wild cards that we can not predict or even cope with.

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