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Peeple-the App that will let you rate people


Last month I posted opinions on the dislike button on Facebook but now I feel that things are going too far with the introduction of the app Peeple.


What is the Peeple app?

Peeple is a positivity app for positive people that allows you to rate and be rated in the following 3 Categories: Professionally, Personally, and Dating. By joining our community you can be seen by the people that know you and rate and be rated by that community. Your network lifts you up and says positive things about you so that you can have a strong online reputation and get job opportunities, access to more networking opportunities with like-minded people, interact with other single people, and have the ability to search others to make better decisions around your greatest assets such as your family. You can look up the character of the people you meet and interact with.’

Basically it’s a positive app for positive people however i find this to be a little naïve. It’s far too easy to be cynical or negative. This app is open for abuse and if the creators cannot see that then they are blind, possibly by the money they are about to receive from this idea. But at its core it makes sense, we are in an era of micro data we know what something is before we get there. When we look up hotels or restaurants we usually head straight onto TripAdvisor or Yelp to check out the reviews and see what’s going on and what people think about them. But these are opinions not facts and the internet has taken the excitement out of everyday life. However this can be good as hotels and restaurants are having to up their game and do better, but at the same time all it takes is one bad day to destroy someone.


Can you imagine this now with people, yes this app let’s you treat humans like a product, how on earth can this be a good idea? Humans are complex creatures and they are not for everyone.

I will give you a good personal example I have two friends and for arguments sake I will call them Jill and Jane. Jill is the quiet sort and Jane is loud and outgoing, both are around the same age. They are girls that most of my male friends have been chasing after for a while, both are intelligent and nice girls but they both dislike each other. Now they have common sense and know it’s just a conflict of personality and are well aware they have mutual friends but when it comes down to it they are an exception two people who don’t like each other but get along for the sake of their mutual friends. This is good if you’re intelligent and logical but not everyone is and this site could easily devolve into people just insulting each other for the sake of it.


The app’s founders have put safe guards in but I am already seeing ways around it and I’m an idiot. In the end this application was inevitable, it was going to happen but as a species do we need this to exist?

Will this site improve us or make us worse?

I guess that’s up to you readers to decide.

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