Scream Queens (2015) TV Pilot Review

Scream Queens opened with a two-parter on Tuesday. However I’ll only be the reviewing the pilot episode. The show follows the lives of those on a college campus who are in danger from the Red Devil murderer.


Warning, there may be spoilers ahead.

I’ll admit I’ve been counting down the days till the Scream Queens premiere. First of all it’s a Ryan Murphy show and the man is a genius. Secondly, horror comedy when done well is a superb genre. Thirdly the promo was fantastic. And lastly, the cast shared some great insights in a panel at San Diego Comic Con. My excitement was at an all time high and I was expecting a lot out of the pilot. Thankfully, not only did Scream Queens deliver all it promised, it exceeded my high expectations. I can’t really find anything to fault in the pilot. The plot was well thought out and well paced, the dialogue was intelligent and witty, and well the characters were just outstanding.

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One character who shined above them all was Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, the president of Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. Roberts has already shown that she’s very capable of playing the bitch in American Horror Story but her performance in Scream Queen easily eclipses that. She is obviously relishing the role and it shows in her work. The best thing about Chanel is even though she’s this mean and conniving person, I can’t help but love her. And I predict she’s going to get better each week.

Holding her ground against Chanel is Dean Cathy Munsch, played by the formidable Jaime Lee Curtis. She’s probably the most interesting character on the show, and the one I have the most questions about after the pilot. You can see Curtis is enjoying the part, and she brings so much sass to the role that even Chanel is a little scared of her. The scene where she berates Chad, a student who she’s blackmailed into sleeping with her and also Chanel’s boyfriend, is just magic.

Glen Powell, who plays Chad, is another member of the cast who impressed in episode 1. I’ve never seen a character quite like him. The scene where he breaks up with Chanel, and describes is ego as super strong is just brilliant. He might just be the funniest character of the show. Abigail Breslin also gets on an honourable mention for playing completely against type as one of Chanel’s bitchy minions.


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As fantastic as this cast are, I have to give a huge amount of praise to the writers who have helped craft these characters. After all, Chanel would be nothing without her snappy one-liners, of which are constant sources of humour in the show. The script for the pilot was a master class in how to write good comedy and I just hope they maintain the high standard that they’ve set out. Another behind the scenes department that deserves credit is the costume department. The outfits are completely on point and I’m not ashamed to say that I would love any of the Chanel’s wardrobes as my own. But that’s the great thing about Scream Queens; every department really seems to be doing their job well. From the sets to the make up to the director, it’s all top quality.


I could go on all day about how brilliant the Scream Queen pilot was. But instead I’m going to go and watch the second episode!

Pilot rating- 5/5

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