The Overnight (2015) Film Review

When I came out of the Edinburgh Film Festival screening for The Overnight the first thing I thought was how the hell am I going to review that? You see, it’s like no other film I’ve ever watched.


The Overnight follows couple Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling) who have just moved to LA with their son. They arrange a play date with Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) and Charlotte (Judith Godreche). Once the children are put to bed the adults start to have some fun of their own.


And by fun I mean drinking, smoking pot, getting naked and looking at paintings of buttholes. Yes, I’m actually being serious about that last one. And it only gets more bizarre as the film goes on. Writer/director Patrick Brice is clearly not afraid to push the boundaries and it shows. I’ll admit that I spent more than one scene with my hand over my mouth in shock. The good kind of shock though. And really that’s the beauty of the film. It holds nothing back. It’s completely wacky but at the same time completely wonderful.


The boldness of the film also really complements the comedy. In fact it goes hand in hand. And The Overnight certainly is funny. One of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in a long time. In fact the entire cinema audience was laughing the whole way through. And I’m pretty sure everyone came out smiling afterwards.


Despite all the weird and wacky content there’s a strong sense of realness and authenticity throughout. Here we have two couple at points in their marriages where they’re struggling. They’re searching for solutions to salvage the relationship. It’s a common issue that many people go through and as such the film really resonates with the audience.  For all the comedy gold present in the film there’s also this sadness that comes along with it. Each of the characters are actually quite vulnerable and their insecurities really make you connect with them.

Whilst I commend the writer for creating such fantastic characters I also must mention the actors who gave such brilliant performances. The chemistry between the four really was incredible. Jason Schwartzman was a particular standout; the perfect combination of funny, tender and compelling. It felt as if the part was written for him.

To conclude The Overnight is a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating comedy with an intelligent script and great performances. A must see!

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