The McLaren Award:New British Animation 2 at EIFF 2015

The second of two screenings showcasing the most exciting and fresh British animation.

From the sublime to the silly, this collection of outstanding UK-produced animation is a tour-de-force of talent. It is tempting to describe the selection as introspective, as many directors look inwards examining the culture and consumption of animation. But for every post-modern conundrum, there are joyous extrapolations of other ideas. All films in McLaren Award programmes are eligible for this year’s prize, voted on by you: the audience!

Below are our highlights

The Infinity Project

This is a 2 min short directed by Will Anderson to promote awareness for a viral charity appeal for neglected animated characters.


I suppose when you look at it from the perspective of all those characters that were scrapped when designing characters for animated films you do begin to wonder if there are stories that can still be told with these forgotten characters. We all know and love the popular animated charcaters from the world of the successful Pixar films including Toy Story but they didn’t all start out exactly how they look like in the finished film.



This brilliant 8 min short from the mind of Rhiannon Evans tells the story of a little and lost thought, or rather a light bulb, as it tries to find the best place to become a big idea. An intriguing story told through visuals and sound effects alone, it reminded me of Wall-E and Pixar’s way of being able to tell brilliant stories. This young director is definitely someone to look out for in the animation industry.



This is a 10 min short directed by Debanjan Nandy, if you thought the scene at the beginning of Pixar’s Up was heart wrenching, think again as this is a story about a old widow trying to cling onto the spirit of his wife.

For your chance to see these and vote for your favourite you can check out the screening on 24 June at 4pm at Filmhouse cinemas, screen 1. To book tickets click here.

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