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Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Its been 24 years since Bill.S.Preston ESQ and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan last graced the big screen. I should mention now that I am well aware of the 2 seasons of the animated cartoon and the live action series, plus the Halloween show, that are all part of the franchise, but let’s face it, we all really just love the movies. Come on what’s not to like, two well meaning slackers, not only change their destiny’s, but they change time and even through their music the attitudes of the universe. I can make so many quotes to this movie and I know there are a lot of cynics out there who hate the franchise, to you guys I say, get a life! It’s a good fun set of movies with the running theme that it’s better to be good than anything else and also book smarts aren’t the only smarts. With all that said hearing that Boom Studios where brining the series back as a comic book I got very excited and had to pick up a copy at Emerald City Comic Con 2015.


Before I read the book I had to take a look through the book and see the art work, what i saw was vivid, fluid and beautiful. It really had this colourful yet real vbe to it, very Wyld Stallyns, very Bill and Ted, it was just wonderful. But beyond that in just a couple of flicks I saw so much more, I saw young Keanu Reeves and young Alex Winter, not just some cheap knock off’s but it’s them or at least the characters they played. I saw the Good Robot ‘usses’, the Princesses, Rufus, Station, Death, Captain Logan, the infamous phone booth and even the villainous Chuck De Nomolos. Everyone and everything was there, I hadn’t even read a word of the book and I was already sucked into this world, humming the KISS version of God Gave Rock N Roll and doing my best air guitar.I found something lost from my childhood and I was glad for it..


Once I got to read my nostalgia quickly left, because of great story telling, they managed to cover all the bases from the original film. This story actually happens directly after the original film. It has all the right lingo and references, you read while inside your head you can hear how the original characters would say it. It’s just great fun and hell it’s actually funny too, as comics go this was such a gem to come across. Beyond that the comic deals with a very real problem for all bands and musicians, you have your entire life to write that great gen, your opening piece, your introduction to the world, but you don’t get much time for a follow up, that’s what Bill and Ted need to over come, the challenge of writing their second song. More than that the comic actually references real events such as peoples views on the Beatles, so it has a good message, just do what you want to do and ignore all the haters, plus be good to your fans, something plenty of people forget to do on a regular basis. I really can’t wait for the next issue of this most excellent series.

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