Our Top Hotel Picks for SDCC 2015


Now that the SDCC presale is over people will be looking ahead to what I and many others like to call ‘Hotelpocalypse’. Comic Con likes to call it Hotel Registration but trust me; Hotelpocalyspe paints a much more accurate picture of the experience. It’s a good while away and yet it’s already giving me nightmares. Yes, early next year, fans will battle it out for the most coveted prize: somewhere to sleep. This year some attendees argued that it was actually harder to get a hotel room than tickets to the event itself. Of course you don’t have to participate in Hotelpocalypse; you could simply book the room independently of Comic Con.  However doing this means that you’ll probably end up having to take out a second mortgage to pay for a good room or you’ll end up in a hotel near the border of Mexico. So despite all the stress I really would recommend taking part in Hotelpocalypse.


This year Hotelpocalypse took place in April, it’s likely that it’ll be the same for 2015. So you may be wondering why I’m discussing it now before general tickets have even gone on sale. Well, because as many of you know preparation is key. For all those people who have never taken part in Hotelpocalypse, knowing which hotels you want to apply for before registration is critical. This is because the whole thing is time sensitive. This year if you didn’t fill in the form within 3 minutes, you were unlikely to get a room.


So even if you haven’t got tickets, deciding which hotels you are going to apply for now could be advantageous. Things to consider when deciding which to hotel to stay in include: distance to the convention center, distance to restaurants/bars/shops, atmosphere, potential for celeb sightings, transport links, price and hotel quality. Price generally increases as you get closer to the convention center. However being a short walk away is a lot of people’s top priority. When the tiredness sets in (and it will) you really don’t want a long trek back to your hotel. On the other hand having a hotel further away provides a sort of escape from the craziness of Comic Con. The same thing applies to restaurants. Staying near the Gaslamp Quarter means that you’ll have plenty of restaurants on your doorstep but the sheer volume of people may be a turn off. For some people celebrity sightings and parties are very important. If that’s you, I’d suggest a downtown hotel. If a good night’s sleep is more important something further out would be better. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Even if you know exactly what your priorities are picking a hotel can be difficult. So to help with the process I’ve compiled a list of (in my opinion) some of the best hotels to stay at, based on past experience and recommendations.

Personally this is my favourite hotel I’ve stayed at during Comic Con. It’s an absolutely beautiful hotel and the service was great. The proximity to the convention center makes it ideal. It also provides the quickest route to the Hall H line. In fact if you request a convention center view then you’ll also be able to monitor the line. It also houses the Indigo Ballroom which in recent years has staged panels for shows like Archer, Defiance and The Awesomes. Of all the hotels I’ve stayed at this is the one where I saw the most celebrities. I shared elevators and got some cool selfies with James Purefoy, Nathan Fillion, Jason Ritter, Jay Ryan and Steven R. McQueen to name a few. If celebrity spotting is your thing then this is the hotel for you.

This one has a “boutique” hotel feel to it, it’s trendy yet cute. Right next to the Gaslamp Quarter it’s ideal for those wanting a meal. It also is just across the road from the convention centre. Despite its proximity to the Gaslamp Quarter it is actually very quiet and relaxing which you may welcome after a long day at Comic Con.


Hilton San Diego Gaslamp

The Omni provides great views of the convention center, making it ideal if you want to monitor the lines. It’s also conveniently placed near to the Gaslamp Quarter, Petco Park and the convention center itself; somewhat of a perfect location. Wired Cafe also sets up shop here making it another good place to spot celebrities.


This is another gorgeous hotel. Perhaps most impressive is its incredible rooftop pool area which hosted the Star Wars Rebels party this year.  It is also very close to the Gaslamp Quarter and Petco Park. But the best thing about the Solamar happens between 5 and 6 pm when a complimentary craft beer, seasonal cocktail or glass of wine is offered.


The W is a close enough to the convention center to walk but is far away enough to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of Comic Con. I stayed here for my first ever Comic Con and when I walked in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was at the bar. Luckily I managed to keep my inner fan girl in check and not scream “It’s Jamie Lannister”. So yeah, it’s another ideal place for celeb sightings. The biggest draw for me about the W is how lovely the hotel is. If you’re looking for style and comfort this is the hotel for you.

Let’s just call this one party central. Over the course of the week Hard Rock puts on numerous events which celebrities flock to. Note if you want a quieter hotel, this is probably not the one for you.


However if you love to be in the middle of the action, Hard Rock is ideal. It also offers some great dining experiences in the form of Nobu and Maryjane’s.


syfy_ascension_cafe_at_sdcc_2014_by_nerdgeist-d7vgtjg (1)

Maryjane’s is taken over by Syfy for Comic Con and is decorated in the theme of one of their shows. It also has the best orange juice I have ever tasted, so it’s well worth the trip.

If proximity to the convention center is not your biggest concern then the Westin might be for you. Located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter it’s the perfect hotel if you’re a foodie. Also Westfield Horton Plaza is right next to it, which houses restaurants, shops and a cinema. This hotel is ideal if you’re travelling with people who are not really into Comic Con or if you yourself like to take breaks away from the chaos.

Located right next to the convention center, this hotel is perfect for those who want a short walk time. This year it even hosted some Comic Con events. However if you want to escape Comic Con in the evenings then this is not the place for you. The hotel itself is very impressive, boasting a resort style swimming pool and offering spectacular views of the bay.  It’s also another hotel perfect for spotting celebrities.

DSC_0006 (2)

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