UrbanCooking – Using food to bring people together

The Foodie, is there anything more 21st century than this type of person? But let’s face it in this modern world people are often too busy to get a chance to really cook on their own and even if you want to create a spectacular artistic meal, or just a good old home cooked meal, the ingredients can be very expensive, too expensive for one person to do this for them self.

UrbanCooking is a wonderful platform that allows you to create a meal and sell it onto people. They come to your home, they eat your food and pay towards it, they get to rate you and you get to rate them. It’s a brave new world and this is a way of making it a little less lonely and a little more connected.


To find out more I had the opportunity to speak to Szilard Koos, from Future IT Solutions, at Web Summit 2014 in Dublin.

Can you tell our readers a little about your company?

We are Future IT Solutions, an IT company and we are here to present our Project UrbanCooking. This is a social platform for bringing people together through food.

Where did you get the idea for this product?

Well nowadays we our in an age where we share everything, we share our rights, our apartments why don’t we share our food. This is an idea which has not been attempted yet and we are proud to say that we have pioneered the concept.


How successful has it been so far?

No success yet but that is because we have not launched. We will be launching at the start of 2015 and this is why we are here. We are looking for investors on a bigger scale. Currently I am financing the project myself and we have only been able to launch in three countries Germany, Austria and Hungary though we intend to launch on a broader scale.

In its simplest terms. someone can create a meal, register online and then begin to invite people over for said meal?

Yes this is basically how it works, so say you’re a student and you want to make a little extra money, if you create a hell of a pasta then you can make a meal and organise an event then people will come to you. Of course you can filter your guests and guests can in turn also filter hosts . In the hours coming up to the event the guests are given the address, they come, they pay their share, have a great meal, have a great time and then of course leave happy.

Can people who attend rate the event?

Yes this is a very important aspect of UrbanCooking, hosts can also rate their guests but guests will most certainly rate their hosts. Through this rating system hosts can move up levels, everyone starting off at level 1, then after time you move up to 2 and finally when you reach 3 you can register as pro, if you choose to stay at two everything stays free but your events are limited in size. At level 3 you can have bigger events and cook for more people but you will be charged to be at this level.

Urban Cooking event guide

Will there be much charges or will they be quite minimal?

No this will be minimal. If you want to throw an event for more than 6 people then you will need to go pro and at this level we will take 50% of the value of one meal from you.

That seems fair. Will you be launching a mobile app with this as well or will you solely keep it on a web site?

Urban Cooking Ipad

Of course, we will be launching apps on android and IOS, this will allow users to pinpoint the location that they will be attending and give quick and easy access to our site.

Urban Cooking

You can find more information on their official website at

Editor in Chief: David

You can find me next at SXSW 2015 (Austin, Texas) & Emerald City Comic Con 2015 (Seattle).



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