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One of my passions in life is photography, I love being able to capture beautiful still images to share with the world. Photography is something that everyone can do, it’s a way for us all to remember the best moments of our lives.  As someone who loves to travel; you want to show everyone and to remember all the exotic places you have been, to show your experiences, to show the culture you embraced, to show the food you tried and loved, you see the world in all it’s beauty and glory.


I’m not a parent but I know that they don’t want to miss anything; they want to visually capture the moment their child took their first step, their first day at school, their graduation or to create a time lapse from birth to when they are 12 years old in less than 3 mins.

With each photo we take we remember the people in it, the day, the time and the landscape but as time passes we eventually forget all those details. With video we can capture everything that we see, hear and experienced but with photography we can’t recreate that experience. Imagine if we could capture a complete 360° panoramic photo that would allow you to relive that moment? Something that would allow you to you to capture everything and lets you re-experience that moment with your friends and family later? Wouldn’t it be great to remember, after five years, exactly what the sky looked like on the day you married? To be able to capture everyone’s smile and tear at the exact same moment you said ‘I do?’


Thanks to Panono, you can now capture the atmosphere and everything that happened around you in that one moment. You can discover things you didn’t even notice when you first took the photo. Panono will pave the way for a new way to take photography. It will introduce the current and the next generation a new way to remember and see the world.


Panono will be one of the start-up companies heading to Dublin for the Web Summit taking place from 4th-6th November. They will be pitching their innovative idea to potential investors as part of the PITCH, which is presented by the Coca-Cola Company.


The idea behind Panono is simple, to create an affordable, accessible and easy way to capture panoramic photography. To be able to capture a 360° panoramic photo; they developed a lightweight sphere shaped ball, attached with 36 integrated cameras that would take 108-megapixel panoramic shots in every direction at once. All these images would fit together to re-create that moment.

Taking photos with Panono couldn’t be easier, simply throw the Panono into the air. The cameras will automatically trigger at their highest point, giving you the perfect panoramic shot without ghosting effects. You can also hold the camera in your hand and use it manually, by pressing the button or remotely via the free Panono app. The free Panono app enables you to navigate through your panoramic shots and share them at the touch of a button.



To download the free Panono app from the Google Play store click here


To download the free Panono app from the iTunes store click here


The Panono will be available in spring 2015. Panono GmbH was founded in 2012 by Jonas Pfeil, Björn Bollensdorff and Qian Qin, and is based in Berlin, Germany.


For more information and to pre-order your own Panono, you can visit their official website. You can also invest and help crowdfund Panono by visiting Companisto.



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