The Red Road (2014) TV Pilot Review

The-Red-Road (1)

Sundance TV has  a new 6 part drama TV series. This pilot has surprised me and it’s a challenging watch. It realistically deals with alcoholism and modern race issues, particularity those between Native Americans and modern whiter Americans. The particular racial tensions is rare to see in modern television and it’s only in recent years that we are starting to see more and more of it on the screen.Still the big draw for me is the Sheriff trying to keep his teenage daughters, both seemingly polar opposites with a wild child and a wall flower, and happily living at home with his recovering alcoholic wife. This show brutally shows some of the realities of living with a recovering alcoholic. A lot of people think you just stop drinking and spend the rest of your days resisting the urge to keep drinking, but no its more than that, a lot more than that, your body and mind are damaged by years of abuse and this series shows that in the form of its protagonists wife.  I must say actress Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire) does an amazing job of this.


I would be remiss if I did not mention the leading men Jason Momoa (That’s Khal Drogo !!!) and Martin Henderson ( House MD). Both play very diverse men; one a rouge on the wrong side of the law and the other a police officer in a tough bind. Both men are willing to bend to the situation to able to see the grays in things. Shot in some beautiful locations this dark slice of America may not be for some but if you like Banshee but wish it had less nudity and maybe some family turmoil (well more traditional family turmoil). This show has a lot of potential and the pilot was a very captivating watch.

The Red Road premieres on Sundance TV on February 27 2014.


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