The Rebels (2014) Amazon Pilot Review

I have been checking out some of Amazon’s new and original TV pilots this week and I have to say so far I am impressed, my first pick today is The Rebels, it’s nearly impossible to find information on the pilot online right now, because if you Google it you will find only pictures of the new Star Wars cartoon series (yet again another nail in the coffin of my childhood), this does not bode well for my new pick, but still it is very charming and possibly one of the funniest series I have seen so far this year, all 40 days of it.

The plot is a classic sports story which many people will be familiar with – Julie is in over her head when her husband suddenly dies leaving her as sole owner of a pro-football team. Owner meets cheerleader, they fall in love, he dies, she is left with the team. So we have a women in a male dominated world trying to hold onto one of her husbands most cherished possessions. What makes this pilot so funny is the blend of characters, American Football draws people to it from all walks of life and it shows in this pilot, from a struggling single father to an unstable coke addict with a gun toting monkey this series covers a lot of bases.


I myself am a fan of the sports movie and the sports show, they have great underlying values of team work and family, things we can all relate to but usually dealt with in a more aggressive manner and it’s nice to see a series which isn’t your classic sitcom or cop show, it helps the Rebels really stick out. If you want something different this year or because its cold you want to look at sunny Los Angeles, this is your show to watch. Ladies if you reading this and thinking sports movies, ummm no there is still plenty of eye candy for you to see too.

The pilot shows a lot of potential with a healthy mix of slap stick humor, black comedy and good old fashioned tongue and cheek I have high hopes for this one. The cast being led by Josh Peck (Drake and josh) who is showing us he is all grown up and can hold his own and Natalie Zea (The Following ) playing the beautiful Widow kicking ass in a mans world.

The Rebels (Serie de TV) - POSTER

You can view the Pilot  here

You can also tell Amazon what you thought of The Rebels and help get it picked up as the next Amazon Original Series here


The Rebels

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