Belfast BBC Get In Event


The BBC Get In Event held at BBC in Belfast today provided a chance to learn more about their Production and Journalism Trainee schemes, quiz current Trainees about life at the BBC, and find out from Talent Executives about what they’re really looking for in applicants. At the Belfast event the talk was led by Brooke Allen (BBC Production Talent Pool Trainee), Nick McCarthy (BBC Production Talent Pool Trainee), Don Kong (BBC Trainee Schemes Coordinator), Clare Whelan (BBC Production Talent Pool Trainee), Clare (BBC Deployment Manager), Nalina Eggert  (BBC Journalist) and Simon Wright (BBC Talent Executive).

Below is highlights from the event itself as a recap for those who attended and for anyone else interested in working in TV Production, Journalism, working for the BBC or thinking about attending a BBC Get In event.

There is flexibility with the training schemes provided by the BBC, which means you can be based locally for work if travelling around doesn’t suit you.

If you aren’t passionate about either TV or Radio or even both then a job in the BBC, its trainee schemes or this industry in general wouldn’t be the best suit for you.

You need to sell yourself in your application because no one else will;

  • Talk about your achievements and think about what’s transferable from your existing work experience.
  • If you’ve organised an event then tell them about it, break down what you did. How did you achieve what you were required to do and what did you do that made you proud?
  • What can you bring to the BBC? What makes you unique?
  • Mention any experience you think would be relevant such as any Blogging or Social Media you may have done already.
  • Did you conduct any interviews or research in any of your previous jobs, work experience or volunteer work?
  • These schemes aren’t for complete newbies; they are for those who can show that they are already doing what they are interested in e.g. Blogging if you are interested in Journalism.
  • Also it’s never too late for a career in Journalism or TV Production; most of those who apply for the BBC scheme come from various backgrounds including Tour Guides, Asda, and PR etc.

The BBC is looking for people who can work well in teams so you need to be assertive, just be professional and approachable. Don’t forget to show some initiative, enthusiasm and confidence.

Don’t feel intimated as some will start in a different footing than others, for example some people may have experience and vast knowledge of Media Law.

Even if you don’t make it this year you can always try again next year. Previous BBC Trainees didn’t even get an interview or make it to the Assessment Centre the first time. Persistence is really important and your best friend.

Some advice included watching the BBC TV programmes, learning the BBC Values and BBC Editorial Values; if you want to work for the BBC then you need make sure you do your research.

If you are interested in the Journalism then make sure you keep up with the News, knowing about what’s happening in the world around you can come in handy especially at interviews.

After the introductions and presentation all the delegates where tasked to come up, in their groups, with new programme ideas and then pitch them.

After the pitching was done, these are some of the feedback quotes mentioned by Don Kong (BBC Social Media), Clare Whelan (BBC Production Talent Pool Trainee), Clare (BBC Deployment Manager) and Simon Wright (BBC Talent Executive).

“Well constructed ideas”


“Well thought out”

“Brilliant initiatives”

“Fresh ideas”

“You are the license fee payers of tomorrow.”

Lastly the best advice for pitching is “The more you believe in it the better you can sell it.”

The BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme is now open for application (27 January to 17 February 2014) you can apply here

The BBC Production Trainee Scheme is open for application from 3 March -14 March 2014

The BBC Production Talent Pool is open for application from 3 March -14 March 2014


To attend BBC Get In events click here 

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