Graveyard chronicles from a cosplayer kitten! Part 4

I have realized that I have not told you guys about me, and that should be done…not that I fancy that, but, I like to think that you guys wish to know a bit more about the person behind the words and pictures. Sorry it has taken me a while to write a fourth review, I was away from a computer on personal reasons, but I am back again to talk about Cosplay around the world. My name’s Eira, and I am five and twenty years of age. I’m a total geek, and I love game of thrones, Star trek, Star Wars, anime, and videogames. I started to do cosplay professionally around two years ago, but it has been my hobby on and off during my entire life. (Blame halloween and carnival celebrations for that, dressing up is a very important thing for me and it escalated from there.) My first cosplay since I became more serious with this, was one of Misa Misa of the manga/anime of Death note…it was truly simple, and even used my own hair.

(sorry for the bad quality, but it is the only picture of that cosplay, that I currently own) I’ve improved so much since then, but every cosplayer starts out small. It’s an unwritten rule of life, start from scratch and work your way up. As you know, or should if you’ve seen the pictures in this section, I have many more cosplays in my wardrobe, but my favorite is that of Yukari Yakumo from the video games of touhou, and it’s respecting OVAS.

Just to refresh your memory, this is the one. I just enjoy making the cosplays because, I feel like I am bringing my favorite characters to life. I can be them for a few days, and have fun with my friends that are bringing to life their own favorite characters. It is a beautiful hobby, and a crafty one to that, we have learn how to sew, make jewelry, condition wigs, style them, we must become make-up artists, and actors. We must learn to walk in heels, and in some big clothes that are not so easy to walk in anyways. So there, now you know a bit more about the girl behind this section. Not the greatest cosplayer, but I love my hobby, and try my hardest, and I know I can improve. I also know that I am quite good at this as well.

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