Review: Bullet Catch

Bullet Catch

Friday, 25th October 2013 at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast as part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s

Rob Drummond a talented performer, director, playwright and magician brought his magical theatre show, Bullet Catch to Belfast as part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s.  The one man, critically acclaimed, Bullet Catch combines a mix of storytelling, theatre and, of course, magic from levitation to card tricks culminating in the bullet catch of the show’s title.

Situated within the atmospheric Danske Bank Stage we are introduced to Drummond, an engaging performer.  What ensues is an, at times, intimate story interspersed with illusions.  The performance was thought provoking and often humourous together with the odd hint of melancholy. An audience member was picked early on who is taken on the narrative journey on stage with Drummond.  Tonight was the turn of Alan, an unassuming gent who was about to experience something that I would presume will become one of the memorable moments of his life.

I found myself amused, engaged, transfixed, fearful, enraptured and suffered shredded nerves at times.  This was all before the bullet catch.

Also, I never thought I would be at a show that would incur philosophical heckling from a member of the audience.

The mood changed to something much more serious when the gun was revealed.  A visibly nervous Alan was taken through the steps and at the resolution all I can say is he was as much the star of the show as Drummond is.

Those who personally know me will be aware that I am a sceptic/cynic at heart.  I am a big fan of magicians such as Penn & Teller who are not shy about showing how illusions are created.  This did not stop me from becoming enjoying the show as well as having a sense of wonder at the illusions.  What surprised me however was despite having watched many magic and illusion shows on television my first time seeing such an act on stage had created such an impact on me that I am doubtful I will forget it.  This is a testament of Drummond’s talent and his engaging, well written and enacted show.

If you find yourself at a loose end tomorrow night (7.45pm) get yourself along to the Lyric Theatre. Tickets can be bought from the Belfast Festival at Queen’s website for £16 with concessions available.  There will also be a matinee show earlier on Saturday at 2.30pm with a post show talk by Paul McEneany from Cahoots NI.

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