A review on new US sitcom Trophy Wife


So the new fall line ups are beginning and I stumbled upon this show last night. After watching the trailer I could see that I was not the target demographic but still I decided to push on, this was nothing to do with the pretty ladies, ok maybe a little.

This situation comedy revolves around Kate Harrison (Malin Åkerman) a former party girl who ends up marrying a man (Bradley Whitford) whom she met after crashing into him in a karaoke bar. Sounds simple enough, but she now has to deal with his two very different ex wives and his 3 children.

So this is a fish out of water story, party princess turned proper parent, it has the usual hi-jinks and laughs that we come to expect from this sort of series, but I have only seen the pilot, this one has a lot of potential, keep an eye on it, it may surprise you.

The cast is pretty solid as well –

Malin Åkerman (The Watchmen and Rock of ages) as Kate Harrison

Bradley Whitford (The West Wing and Cabin in the woods) as Pete

Marcia Gay Harden (The first wives club and The Newsroom) as Dr. Diane Buckley

Michaela Watkins ( Wanderlust and former SNL) as Jackie

Natalie Morales (The middle man, Parks and Rec and the Newsroom) as Meg

Ryan Lee (Super 8) as Nelson

Albert Tsai (How I met your Mother) as Bert

Bailee Madison (Holliston and just go with it) as Hillary

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