A flesh look at the zombie genre

Not so long ago I got sick of the zombie genre, it’s all been done before, sure now zombies are faster, maybe even smarter than their predecessors, but I got bored of the gore, the violence, the predictable stories, that’s all changed, I am back in again and it’s all thanks to In the Flesh.

The series isn’t your standard zombie show, its set after the apocalypse, when the zombies, who before the start to the series where the standard I will eat your brains types, are now being reintroduced back into society. They are given drugs which let their original personality return and let them behave like themselves again. It’s an interesting idea, because how will your family react, your friends, your nearest and dearest, you have come back to them, maybe you died of cancer, maybe in a war or maybe you took your own life, the series is great in how it shows people’s reactions to having their loved ones back.

In the flesh explores so many major issues that our society needs to deal with, sexuality, intolerance within communities, religious persecution, all major issues that are explored through this medium. Some of the scenes are very powerful, I won’t lie the third and final episode of this miniseries even managed to have me nearly in tears (this is from a grown man’s perspective).

Created by Dominic Mitchell this Lancashire based series tells the story of teenager Kieren Walker as he comes back into the local community. It’s such a good series and so well received its already been commissioned for an extended 2nd series so keep your eyes peeled for this one.

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