Comic Con Prep

So Comic-con is coming up, plus many many more year round conventions to attend, I thought I would give a simple check list of what you might need when attending a con.

Budget people

Make a plan for all the basics, food and drink, then estimate what you will need for random stuff, now double it trust me this is good advice.

Check out the schedule

Now most cons this won’t be a problem but if you wish to attend one of the bigger cons, like the mecca that is comic-con, well you better accept that you can’t and won’t be able to do everything you want too, if you want to go to a particular talk you will have to go and stand in line from about 4am, that’s being generous, the rooms at SDCC fill up quick with people maybe sitting through talks they hate for the one they want. (On a lighter note this is how I discovered community which I now love)


This is just one line, there are hundreds more like it

This is just one line, there are hundreds more like it

The Con-Map

If the con is big enough that it needs a map, in the weeks ahead study it so you know where you want to go, this may seem over kill but the more prepared you are the better this will go for you.

Splitting up

I know you want to be with your friends but they might have different interests than you so, don’t be afraid to go your own way (I’m humming a little Fleetwood Mac right now), bring burner phones in case, yes you will have your normal phones but these are more useful

1.       The old fashioned phone tends to have a longer lasting battery.

2.       They are cheaper if you lose it or if someone nicks it big deal, who cares.

Also have a designated meet up place like the hotel lobby or a restaurant for when the day is done.

While splitting up try and mix it up, meet new people talk about your passions get a few random pics, everyone’s there for the same thing, it’s a great way to make new friends. Just dont give out details unless maybe its a girl cosplaying as super girl inviting you back to her room, then taking the risk of being abducted and waking up in a bath tub full of ice in Tijuana is advised.

Mix it up a little

Try and do different things each day, makes the memory more special, you never know what you will get up to.

The Backpack

Ok this one is worth taking note of; I have a few options for con backpacks all have advantages and Disadvantages.

The flapoozy/messenger bag, it’s convenient, goes over one shoulder you get stuff out quickly, but its capacity is limited, another plus is it’s in sight at all times.

The backpack – bigger, holds more stuff, harder to maneuver and you can’t see what people are doing too it.

The fanny pack – personally in a perfect world we could all wear them but I’d advise against it as you may look silly.

The tote – if you wanna go renegade and carry nothing in a canvas tote is ideal it folds up in your pocket and comes out when you need it most.

A final option if you a guy get a minion and if you’re like my gf get a me they can carry more than most bags and supply chit chat when needed.

This is my minion

This is my minion

Dress sensibly

You’re going to be inside and carrying a lot, the classic hoodie, ¾ length combats and T shirt combo is very comfortable and served me well.

See what else is going on

At the bigger con’s there are plenty of mini outside events happening, for instance at SDCC there was Geek and Sundry and Nerd HQ run by Zachery Levi and Felecia Day respectively, you could spend all day at these places and not get bored.

There is plenty of night time events run by Sega, Will Wheaten, Cartoon network, Kevin Smith and many more so please people do the research and enjoy.

The cast of Expendables 2 at Nerd HQ

The cast of Expendables 2 at Nerd HQ

The necessities

These are things I would advise bringing

Small 3 legged stool – they are tiny, light, possible improvised weapon, very good for standing in line.

Entertainment – book, I-pod, kindle etc etc

Sunscreen – seriously you may actually need this.

Lanyard – cons give these out but maybe it’s better to get your own personal more expensive one, plus you stand out a little bit more.

Duct tape – this fixes everything. NUFF SAID

Dry Shampoo and brush – you’re on the go a lot doesn’t hurt to take care of hair a little.

Rub on deodorant – smaller easier to carry and makes you smell a little better.

Folder – helps keep all your autographs, photographs and timetables dry.

Wet wipes – Bring flushable ones it never hurts to have them, especially if you’re in a bad toilet situation.

Extra Cash – keep it somewhere secret, somewhere safe (see what I did there) just in case.

Change – I mentioned extra cash but it never hurts to have some change too

Spare T-shirt – just in case

Stain wipes – if you dirty you’re cloths this can go along way to help

Copy of you comic con details – In case you loose your badge

RFID Wallet – helps keep your money safer

The crappy phone – this is a total life saver. (also take note of emergency numbers like your banks to cancel missing cards etc etc)

ID – Always have you ID on you and maybe several copies stored away just as a backup.

Medical stuff – have a small kit of plasters, anti-bacterial gel and any medication you need stored away.

Poster Tube – You get a lot of free posters, this will keep them safe as you can see mine is a light-saber.


Camera – you’re going to make a lot of memories, just try not to live through the camera all weekend.

Food and drink – keep it sensible, don’t live off crap, you will have less energy and worse toilet breaks.

On a final note just try and have fun, don’t stress and just go with the flow.

I just love this pic lol

I just love this pic lol

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