Introducing: The ARKYD

Ok…… right now a lot of you are scratching your heads and thinking Dave’s messed up the spelling…. again, so lets take a step back and explain what I’m Introducing you too.

The ARKYD is a kickstarter project that I have become enamored with. It is a technologically advanced, orbiting space telescope that will becontrolled by the investors. Through pledges you can, if your feeling very generous, donate your own personal telescope time to non-profit science centers and universities.

So there you have it, some of the human races most advanced and scientific technology in the hands of the masses, the possibilities are infinite, but more importantly it introduces a sense of fairness and gives the little guy a fighting chance, that saying not many little guys need this telescope.

Now I’m going to directly paste their goals below, so you know what they are all about –

  • To give students access to space capabilities — Whether studying planets in a 5th grade class or writing a graduate thesis, students of all ages will have the ability to direct the telescope and explore what interests them! We’re planning some exciting new educational opportunities just for K-12 educational programs.
  • To support important research and discovery — There are thousands of institutions and researchers in need for greater access to in-orbit space observatories. The ARKYD will provide a new, low-cost resource to help observe distant galaxies, search for alien planets, and monitor the skies for potentially dangerous asteroids. Researchers at MIT, the University of Washington, and across the globe have shown interest in using the ARKYD to further their important research.
  • To build excitement about space and all of its potential — The ARKYD is designed to be a fun and interactive experience that is accessible to anyone. This kind of direct access to a satellite is unprecedented. Our backers will be the first people in history to control a public space telescope!
  • To give YOU a say — What makes this mission unique is that we’re putting control of the telescope in YOUR hands. You’ll get the opportunity to help decide which science centers and museums are the beneficiaries of ARKYD telescope time, what photos to take, and more. We’re putting YOU in control! By pledging toward this mission, you’ll receive access to our website and mobile apps allowing you to follow along with the progress of the satellite, sneak peaks at photos and videos, and get voting access to make your voice heard in the future direction of the satellite!

This project has a lot of support ranging from Virgin Galactic to Bill Nye (yes the science guy).

So maybe you want to take a picture of the heavens, or an orbital view of the mundane, maybe you want it for charitable reasons, either way just reading this you have to want it a little, check out their page here and donate generously.

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