Much Ado About Nothing (2013) Film Review

Like any GCSE English student within the UK I had to study Shakespeare, and like 90% of my fellow student I grew to loathe him. Yes Romeo and Juliet was pretty cool when you saw the Baz Lurhman version, yes the plot to Macbeth was pretty badass and yes if you don’t like 10 things I hate about you well you lack a soul, but beyond that I could never get into any of his other work. That all changed recently.

A few months back me and Jen (the one who runs our twitter) got to see Joss Whedon’s new film at the Jameson’s film festival. it was his remake of Much ado about nothing (bet you all saw that coming).

This one is the quintessential rom com, seriously looking at its plot and we have seen it all before, so it was nice to see the original and done so beautifully. Shot at Joss Whedons former home, in black and white with some of our favorite actors appearing such as Amy Acker (Angel and DollHouse), Alexis Denisof (Buffy, Angel and How I Met Your Mother), Nathan Filion (Firefly, Castle and few questionable dreams of mine), Clark Gregg (Iron Man, The Avengers and Thor) and Fran Kranz ( Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods). So its a classic story, directed by one of the greatest directors of the day and with a cast he is very familiar with, I instantly fell for the film, I was honestly surprised by it, it had me laughing, concerned and enthralled its simply a work of art, I dare anyone to see it and not enjoy it.

So I am a massive fan of all things Joss but lets face it the man knows how to create, he is a genius and the film shows this so well. The humor is so subtly done its sublime its brilliant, he uses classic background humor in a way i havnt seen in far to long this film is refreshing and maybe not a typical summer film but an instant summer classic that makes me want to just put my feet up and relax.

So go out and see it !

BTW keep an eye out for the he called me an ass scene, it had me laughing.

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