Good day ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

So here at NG we really want to get behind the convention circuit, we want to make sure you all know about what’s happening and where, so we go searching for conventions we like and see if they mind us writing about them.

First on our list is BROCON, ok with a name like that you really have to go, but since some of you loyal readers need more than just a name I will tell you a little more about this con.

What does it cover?

Anime and Games

On the Anime front you have an AMV competition, Cosplay, anime screenings even some major voice actors, I won’t say who, go to their site and check out for yourself!

For the Gamers out there, they have a fantastic variety of options. There is card gaming running throughout the weekend with tournaments and free play. To further sweeten the pot there is good old fashioned table top action with the games workshops classics Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. I know some of you are sitting there staring at the screens thinking ummmm that’s not for me well if card and table tops not your thing there is plenty of console gaming too – also just looking on their site in addition to regular tournys they also have a special event see the Iron Man of Classic Games

‘In addition to ten regular tournaments in which to beat up, shoot or blue-shell your mates, on Sunday afternoon we will be running the first “BroCon Iron Man of Classic Games”. This challenge for anyone who considers themselves a worthy classically trained gamer, will be made up of a random selection of games for the Sega MegaDrive, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation and others. It will be a points-based medley of  mini-tournaments, time-trials, score attacks and record beating to see who will come out on top. Points will be awarded incrementally based on how you place against your opponents.’

That little paragraph got me a lil turned on, should I be worried???

I’m sensing some of you are not convinced just yet well, maybe there’s more, maybe there will be a LAN as well, a little league of legends, some team fortress, minecraft and much more.

Now for the more experimental gamer, don’t worry they have catered for you also. I’m talking about you the LARP’ers, there’s plenty happening for you there to.

Now seriously guys if your still not convinced I really think you need to stop reading this because you have no soul and I kind of hate you now, but still the con keeps on giving, they have many special events happening including a charity auction, you help people, you get stuff, what’s not to like! BROCON will also have an artist alley information on that will be announced soon. As with any con there will also be traders with lots of awesome goodies.

Rounding it off the Con is in beautiful Limerick, this place is just lovely all held within the University of Limerick, this is just a nice place to be. BTW did I mention there is a pub quiz as well, so 12th to the 14th of July as the site says if it’s not BROCON fix it.

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  1. Oh good, they needed the publicity.
    Here’s hoping you post about Gaelcon, WarpCon, ItzaCon, Leprecon, HoboCon, DominiCon, Q-Con, and VatiCon.

    Actually, silly me – no one cares about Domicon and Vaticon.

    inb4 you’ve never heard of any of these except Q-Con


    • Ive heard of some of them and a few I even reached too such as Q-Con most turned down our offer for free publicity, which is strange, if you know any cons who need publicity get them to contact me we have a strong twitter following too so we might be able to help.


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