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Re-Right? (Spoilers)


After doing an article on the new 52 I thought that an article exploring whether it was the right thing to do would only be appropriate. Now, like many the DC nerd, I had a pretty good knowledge of the DC universe prior to this re-launch. I have an extensive collection of many the storyline (my main focus being Gotham) and feel that I have invested a lot of time (and money) into feeding my nerdtacular addiction. Now, having done so, I can’t help but feel a little cheated. Has thus investment gone to waste? Is my pre 52 knowledge now a moot point? I most certainly hope not!

Thankfully, having done the research (in a mad panic) it seems like a lot of the back story remains intact. Batman’s parents are still dead, Barbra Gordon was still paralyzed by the Joker and Aqua Man still lived ‘Under da Sea’. Now the one change that did hit a nerve was the slight adjustment to Tim Drake’s origins as (SPOILER ALERT) now he has only ever been ‘Red Robin’ and never ‘Robin’. Now I know we all have our own personal preferences, but Tim Drake has always been my favourite Robin. I know Dick Grayson has his charms, being the more acrobatic and savvy of the bunch but I’ve always viewed Tim as being Batman’s true heir due to his superior detective skills. These were well and truly established when he discovered Batman’s true identity well before puberty, leaving Jim Gordon looking quite the amateur. Now I know my views are my own and may leave many the Dick Grayson fans sharpening their batarangs , but you can’t deny that he once again made fools of the rest of the Bat-clan when he was the only one preparing for Batman’s return after the events of ‘Batman R.I.P’ and ‘Infinite Crisis’.

There is of course a limit to the amount of research I want to do as, like a true nerd, I want to gain knowledge first hand, and that, of course, involves shelling out yet another load of dosh. The main characters and stories that have piqued my interest are ‘Batgirl’, ‘Huntress’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Birds of Prey’ (yes I’m all about the girl power) ‘Court of Owls’ and the ‘Justice League’. At the moment I’m still unsure about this re-launch as I had grown attached to a number of characters as they were. For one, I admired Barbara Gordon as Oracle. Here was a woman at the helm of the Bat-world. She acted as both Batman’s eyes and ears and was also the head of operations for the new and improved ‘Birds of Prey’. She was viewed as Batman’s intellectual equal and an icon for the disabled, so obviously there was a slight uproar when they decided that she should once again jump from rooftops under the guise of Batgirl. However, I have since read a few issues of the New 52 Batgirl and so far I’ve been pretty impressed. Though I think I’ll leave a full critique for another article.

In all, a true reflection of whether or not I feel that this re-launch of the DC universe has been a success will be gained by investing a lot of time and money. Like my pre 52 knowledge I will build up a more rounded opinion by actually delving headfirst into this New 52 universe. So hello poverty and so long social life.


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