Why We Should Give The Mario Movie A Chance !

Hello Internet, please don’t hate me, but maybe, just maybe we should give the Mario film a chance before we burn it to the ground. I am ok with insulting something once it has come out and I have sat down to watch it, but recently I was proven wrong on a film I had yet to see, and I am thinking that for the new Mario movie it may be best if it is given a fair chance.

Firstly, I will speak in defence of Chris Pratt, I like many others was annoyed that Charles Martinet was not cast in the lead role, but sadly big studios want big names and maybe Pratt took the role because he grew up on Mario or for his kids?

I know he has taken flack for apparently being a member of the Zoe Church, which is very bigoted, it seems as if he has either left or was never member of the church. As for his past marriage to Anna Farris we cannot really be sure what goes on behind closed doors. And finally, his political views, it seems that he has shown support for people on both sides of the political divide, so one cannot really fault him. Maybe his right-wing views are on economic policies – who really knows?

The majority of people who have worked with him have said very nice things about him, so we can’t say much more about it. As for his performance, well I guess we will need and wait and see the entire movie when it comes out, I guess this one was really a catch 22 because you could do something utterly ridiculous or just keep it bland.

Regarding cast the film also has the epically charismatic Jack Black, the always hilarious Charlie Day and the pure talent that is Anya Taylor Joy. Mix in Keegan Michael Key and Seth Rogen and you have a great cast, the kind of cast that a Dreamworks animated production would kill for.

Of course, all this would mean nothing without the backing of a big studio and in the case of the Super Mario Bros Movie, they have Illumination. The guys that brought us Despicable Me, The Minions, The Secret Life of Pets, and my personal favourites Sing and Sing 2, this is a company that knows what it is doing.

Finally, the trailers don’t show a soulless cash grab, but instead a film that pays homage to Mario’s earliest appearance in Donkey Kong, Mario Kart and many of the Mario Power ups, all the while looking like it is full of life. Who knows it may be the worst movie ever, but before I decide that I want to watch it.

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