Film Review: Baby Assassins

This has to be one of the most bonkers plots to a film I have ever heard of. Baby Assassins (Beibî warukyûreis about two high school girls who moonlight as assassins and now that they have graduated from high school are forced to get regular jobs and live together, in order to hide their identity as killers for hire. So yes this one is like I said bonkers, but at the same time, it is quite brilliant and really worth watching. 

Writer and Director Yugo Sakamoto has crafted something truly special here. This film is definitely not your normal standard assassin film and instead has some great moments of comedy and slice of life mixed into it. And it is right there dealing with the mundane minutiae of everyday life that this film truly shines. Both Saori Izawa and Akari Takaishi are endlessly entertaining in their roles as young killers on the hunt for part-time jobs. Each actor effortlessly jumps between contradicting emotions with ease, where at one point they are being absolutely adorable housemates, then the next they are cold sociopathic killers, it is quite impressive. 

And when the killing happens it is a great mix of gritty and creepily real. Yugo Sakamoto does not reply on gimmicks like shaky cam or excessive gore, instead, they focus on keeping the violence sudden, brutal, usually to the point, and often with only the energy a teenage girl can bring to a room. 

Another strength this film has with its two leads is that it can take its time to focus on their relationship, they do have fantastic chemistry. So their unusual friendship runs deep into the core of this film and is an endless source of entertainment for the viewers. Especially since how many other films focus on two teenage girls being hired killers? 

A minor note I will just add-in is that I appreciate that neither girl was ever sexualized in an overt way, too often films like this would have the young women in bikini tops and mini skirts that cover nothing. I am not against women dressing this way, but find it odd seeing studios who want to sexualize teen girls in such an obvious way. 

If you are looking for something completely different from the rest of the pack, then this is the film for you. The only film I know that will shoot someone dead and follow it up with a deadpan line and the only film I know that had me thinking that a cold-blooded murderer was adorable, this one is certainly interesting. In short, it is both sweet and spicy, a combo that does not always work, but here is perfect. Plus unlike every other film I have ever seen, this one manages to feature Pop Up Pirate, what else could you want? 

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