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Dynamite: Vampirella Valentine’s Day Special 2022

Last week we spent Valentine’s with Red Sonja and now Dynanite wants us to relax with Vampirella, It would be the very ungentlemanly if we were to say no to this offer.

Unlike last week’s fare, this one is a collection of short stories each more wonderful than the last.

The first story deals with a police officer who meets our divine heroine and has one amazing night with her, followed by an interesting life without her. It is a kind, soft and sweet story. The type of story that just warms your heart and even your bones. If that was the only story I would have been happy but Dynamite wants to continue spoiling us, so the second story is a tad different. Right out of gates there is a switch in gear, the art style suddenly becomes more vivid and loses the grittiness that the original had, not only that but part two sees Vampirella take on more unworldly threats, yet it goes in a completely different direction than I could have expected.

Our third tale is a western and sees a couple of stick-up artists on the run from the Law, the only person they can turn to is a familiar vampiric face. This story again chooses to switch up the art style and I am loving it, the look is darker and matches the tone of this one perfectly. Yet if I had to pick a favorite story it would be the fourth, for me, all others are blown away by this story from Dearbhla Kelly, and maybe I am biased because this one is set in Dublin, a city that at times has been like a second home to me. But still, it is just a wonderful read and a nice twist on Valentine’s day peppered with some classic Irish myth. 

It is rare to find books like these, especially ones where all the stories are really worth the read. (let’s face it sometimes you get this kind of book and 50% is trash, but here is 100% gold)

And as it is almost Valentine’s I cannot stress how much you will love this book, so why not grab yourself a copy?

(To prove to you how much I loved this book, well I just went and ordered myself a physical copy)

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