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Dynamite: Draculina #1

Oh, I love it when they bring out a brand new title, especially when it is a character I know absolutely nothing about. Draculina is a series written by the legendary Christopher Priest you know the guy who has worked on The Falcon, US Agent, Green Lantern, Justice League, Conan the Barbarian, and Vampirella. So you just know I could not miss my chance to get in on the ground floor of this series.

So who is Draculina?

Honestly, I do not know, and I bloody love that (Pun intended). This is a completely blank slate for me. All I know is that in some tellings she is the sister of Vampirella. And you just know I am a Vampirella fan. So let’s dive into this book.

Right off the bat I will warn you that this book is not for some, there are some pretty mature themes being dealt with here, but none of it ever seems gratuitous, in fact, everything seems like it is building to something. What I am trying to say is that if you lack a backbone and are easily offended this won’t be for you. But if you want a more mature read, well then put your feet up and enjoy.

Draculina is going to be a complex character, in issue one, it is quickly established that she is in fact two separate entities sharing a body. One is a gorgeous grown woman and the other a child. The elder wants the younger dead…

So far we do not know much about the plot, except there is a magical underworld, a demonic rat, some sort of demonic plot, and these two individuals sharing a body. It is early days but I am intrigued. And as much as I am loving the plot I will tell you this, I absolutely adore the art of Michael Sta. Maria, their work here perfectly encapsulates why I love modern comics and truly shows what can be done with the medium.

Really strong start to a new series. And on sale as of today. So why not treat yourself to a copy?

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