I Have Mixed Feelings About The Halo Series

There is a lot that this series gets right, but there is one major issue I have with it and we will get to that in due course.

First off if you are unfamialr with the world of Halo then allow me to fill you in. The Halo series originally foccussed on a massive  interstellar war between humanity and an alliance of aliens known as The Covenant. The Covenant, are a fanatical Theocracy and they have deemend humanity impure. This has led them to delcare Holy war upon us and our only hope are the Spartans in specifically Master Chief, the main character from the franchise.

I love the look of the world, I like how they kept the aliens looking the way they should. I love how the series is going to show Spartans that are treated meerly as tools, even though it is one Spartan who rises to be a major leader in the war for humanities survival. There is a lot to play with there. I even enjoy giving him someone to mentor, as I think this will lend a lot to his character and even help him develop more.

The two things I do not like are the changing of the time line, which I can tolerate, and the changing of Cortana. Cortana is an A.I. companion for Master Chief and lets just say I find it very weird that Paramout chose to alter her appearance and possibly her origin. Still it is not to late to fix it…

Still the show does have potential and I will give it a watch, when I get the chance.

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