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Dynamite: Vampiverse #5

When we last saw our heroes the big bad had gained the key to her eternal victory and said heroes were left stranded on a primitive land. But hope was not lost and the fat lady has yet to sing because Vampirella never gives up. And it stands to reason that if you have an entire team of Vampirella’s they are not going to let the universe be destroyed without a fight.

Not only does this issue give us an awesome WW2 era Invisible man-themed Vampirella, but it shows us a lot more of Futurella and Cave Women Vampirella and it is really getting hard for me to pick who my favorite Vampirella is anymore. So I guess I can either blame the wonderful writing of Thomas Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson or I can just decide they are all my favorites. In all seriousness, I just love how each iteration of Vampirella has a distinctive personality yet manages to remain true to the core of the character.

Yet our heroes are only as good as their Villain and of course, the series big bad is another Vampirella, one who is utterly ruthless. A portrayal of the character that conjures up thoughts of classic 80’s bad guys like Highlanders The Kurgen or the original Terminator. Bloodwing is relentless and unflinching in her mission and that kind of makes me root for her. Of course, that is until I realize what she has done and what she is doing. Which brings me to the little twist upon who the artist is and for that good folks you will just have to read the book to find out.

World hopping has never been so enticing. Issue 5 is on sale from the 12th of January 2022.

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