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Dynamite: Nyx #3

To give you a quick recap. The last issue dealt with Nyx’s daddy issues and how all of us identify who we are by where we came from, this issue is going to continue asking the tough questions that life throws at us. But we will get to that later. So issue 2 saw Nyx go toe to toe with her demonic father only to find out that she has many brothers and sisters and their fates are never good. this has set her on a mission to find a way to break the endless cycle that she has been caught up in. 

With Nyx being an immortal creature of the night she really lacks any true friends but issue three see’s her reach out to an old frenemy, Vampirella. The two discuss their place in the world and what it means to be a hunted immortal and what kind of life they can have. It touches on the tragedy of their existence, they alone have the ability to experience everything this world can offer them, yet they alone cannot experience everything that being human has to offer them. This is a topic that many other writers have touched upon, but few have done with as much fun as Christos Gage. 

But I would be doing you all a disservice if I failed to mention the art of Marc Borstel  he has done an excellent job in giving Nyx and Vampirella the looks of someone who is part celestial (if that is the right word). Both characters are the perfect examples of apex predators and his art makes it easy to see why they are both loved and feared.

If you are looking to grab yourself a copy of this wonderful book, then rejoice because it is on sale from the 12th of January 2022.

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