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Dynamite: George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings (Vol. 2) #16 EDIT

I am thoroughly enjoying this series, it is my personal opinion that Landry Q. Walker has done an outstanding job adapting it to this medium. The entire book just seems so fresh and it has been an utter joy to revisit Westeros, even if the dammed place does depress me. I really cannot recommend this series enough and hope you all grab yourself an issue. Though I do warn you, beyond this there will be a few spoilers, so maybe you should just read the book.

The first half of this issue deals with some of Jon Snow’s most formative moments. It is here that we see Jon losing hope as he and his companions are hounded and relentlessly hunted by a group of wildlings. As much as I loved this part of the book and enjoyed it when it aired on Tv there is nothing quite like seeing the artist, who has zero constraints, bring Jon’s time in the North to life. For here is where we can truly see how bleak the situation is. I know it is only half of the issue, but trust me, dear reader, you will be wanting to go back through this one, over and over again.

Part two of the book is dedicated to Bran. Here we find him on hiding, in a stark parallel to Jon. He is spending his time using his powers to inhabit the body of his wolf. You know I used to think this rather stupid, but honestly, after spending the better part of two years using books to help numb the pain of lockdown, I do get it, in times of great stress we all need to find some comfort. Where Jons story ends with him broken going to a form of civilization, Bran’s will see the broken boy finding freedom in a world apart.

Even if you are a fan of watching Game of Thrones and have read the books then you still need to get this book. Artist Mel Rubi has envisioned the world of Westeros the way I did when I read the books. Of course, this gorgeous art is just been taken to that next level with the colors of Ivan Nunes. This book is a total S-Teir and it will be on sale from November 24th, 2021. So do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy.

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