The Drew and Look Podcast: Justice League 1987 Reinventing the Superhero

The characters on this team may not have been the most iconic, except Batman and Martian Manhunter, but from the moments you see the legendary cover you are well aware that this is The Justice League International. It is easily recognizable as one of the Justice League’s most outstanding line-ups. Dr Fate, Captain Marvel (now Shazam), Ted Kord aka The Blue Beetle, The heroic Dr Light, Mr Miricle and his manager Oberon, Black Canary and Guy Gardner – a green lantern that few would call their favourite, help make up the cast. And this month Andy is using this series to help talk about works that have inspired him. 

As someone who owns a copy of his book Occupied I can kind of see something of JLI in it…

So lets dive in.

This podcast really goes above and beyond, Andy brings together many fans of the series, Andy even manages to bring iconic transformers writer James Roberts into this cheerful mix. And if you are unfamiliar with his work then it is something else that I highly recommend you check out.

The podcast is, as always,  utterly fascinating and not only does it go a little into the creative process of how the series was written, at the time it was very unique. But this months episode helps set the stage for the world this one was written in. This series is post-Watchmen and The Dark Knight, it was also written at the end of the Cold War. A series that could not use Superman, Wonder Women or the Flash due to reboots and I think that’s what helps give this series a lot of its charm. 

It seems that for many this series is more than just superheroes fighting monsters. But it is a series about a group of heroes struggling with everyday normal human activities and can be more akin to the Office than The Snyder Cut. To me, that is amazing and wonderful. And this kind of writing has really influenced the world of comics we are still in. A world where even if most books are still gritty, you can still find something which is just fun,

And as we enter the final days of 2021 maybe you should grab yourself a copy of this series and try and find something to smile at.

(Also love how Andy points out his own mistakes in a certain mispronunciation yet just roles with it !)

Check out the Podcast here.

And as always check out Andy Luke’s links below


Amazon – where you can grab some books by Andy himself



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