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Dynamite: Invincible Red Sonja #5

If you have not been reading this series then this issue is the perfect place to join us on this bloody adventure. Issue 5 does a very quick recap and kind of starts where issue 1 started, that and many of the plot threads are starting to come together, so my honest advice is to turn back now and go buy yourself a copy of Red Sonja’s latest escapades. 

If you want a very healthy mix of action and plot then this is the issue for you. Red Sonja finds herself fighting two massive armies, meanwhile, her only allies are in a race against time to prevent all hell from breaking loose. All this is happening as we discover the motivations of our chief villain and how it is not so easy to blame in for what he has done, in fact, some of his actions are quite justifiable. And that is what makes this story to the next level, it helps paint its world in shades of grey making it more compelling. 

And speaking of Compelling this issue helps show us why Red Sonja remains such a compelling character after all these years. This issue shows how determined she is and to what lengths she will go, gone is her carefree vagabond attitude that she started with and in its place is a warrior, one who will not submit and will not be defeated. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner truly understand Sonja.

And though this tale is dark the art is absolutely eye-catching. Moritat is fas becoming one of my favourite artists in this medium and this art is only improved by the addition of colours by Matt Carter.

Trust me this is a book worth reading. So if you can grab yourself a copy then I highly suggest it. Invincible Red Sonja issue 5 will be on sale from the 27th of October 2021.


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