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Dynamite: Vengeance of Vampirella #23

The past few issues of this post-apocalyptic series have been surprisingly chill, except for you know the evil dragon but this new issue has taken a much darker tone. So are you ready to face this brave new world let us take a step forward into Vengeance of Vampirella issue 23.

So the issue starts off in the snow(which is a lovely contrast to what we have seen before). Vampirella has been living out in the woods for several years, just her and her ward. The two seem to have found their own quiet balance and it has done them some good. Their own balance equally matches the equilibrium that the rest of the world has found.

But nothing good lasts forever. And this series could become rather dull if the world stayed at peace. There are dark forces at play, ones that are technologically advanced, it seems that only Vampirella can stop them and even if she wants to avoid this fight, she cannot because they have taken a very dear friend of hers.

Thomas Sniegoski does a wonderful job showing us the inner workings of this hero and it helps make her so bloody iconic. It helps take this from a series full of awesome fights (thanks this time round to the artwork by Michael Sta.Maria) to a series with a lot of heart and one that can make you think.

If you are curious about checking this one out then grab yourself a copy this Wednesday. 


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