Uzbekistan Pays Tribute To Sailor Moon During The Olympics

Some might think that is pandering, others will say it is incredibly impressive. Me I think it is bringing a little fun and flair to one of the worlds greatest sporting events.

So the Olympics are over and honestly I would have covered this earlier but I work seven days a week and getting any time to write something of merit is difficult. And speaking of difficult – Rhythmic Gymnasts. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport in which gymnasts perform on a floor with an apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon or rope. The sport combines elements of gymnastics, dance and calisthenics; gymnasts must be strong, flexible, agile, dexterous and coordinated. It is something I have very little knowledge of but due to the nature of it the sport seems quite complex.

So when Uzbekistan’s team came ot the Tokyo Olympics they decided to pay homage to one of Japans most famous fictional characters.

Not only did go full Sailor moon in their outfits but they also incorporated the instantly recognizable sailor moon theme into their routine.

At the end of the day it came out look amazing and the team should be proud of what they did.

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