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Dynamite : Bettie Page: Curse of the Banshee #3

This one has us starting out knee deep in some Zombie action, complete with a reference to one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. Seriously how can anyone not love this series?

If you are unfamiliar with this particular series then let me enlighten you. It is 1954 and a Banshee has been killing people in rural Ireland. The Irish authorities are totally out matched and do not know what to do, so they call in some help from the experts in America and they put their best women on the job, Bettie Page.

The plot gets a lot darker in this issue and that is saying a lot because it has already had quite a few grim moments. I think THIS has helped pave the way for issues 3’s darker tone. This is a book that is not afraid to throw a few punches. With a horde of ravenous undead on the loose that darker shift really helps show us the peril of our hero’s position.

Before reading this one I would consider having a very vague education on who Oliver Cromwell was and why he is not so popular in Ireland. Let’s just say that The Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland (1649–1653) led to many countless atrocities being committed by Cromwell and his forces, which in turn caused a famine and left Ireland in a poor position when Bubonic plague hit its shores. To this day Cromwell is still hated. It is this particular piece of history that drives the narrative of this story, so it is really worth checking out.

As always, the art is utterly gorgeous and I do really need to check out more work by Jethro Morales.

I do adore this series, it is a fun pulpy romp, but it is one that shows my homeland for what it is. And I hope you are all enjoying it as much as me. If you want to snag a copy then keep an eye out as it will be released on Wednesday the 11th of August 2021.

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