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Dynamite: The Shape Of Elvira Collection

Look if you want the basic pitch I will give you it, this is a comic book for people who are bored of or uninterested in the mainstream superhero stuff. It is full of nerdy references from the stage to classic movies, it is a great twist on a take as old as time and it is just a joy to read. I really think all of you should check it out.

Now if you want to know more I will talk a bit more about it, but I warn you there will be some mild spoilers ahead.

The best way I can pitch this is Shape of Water meets a weird mixture of Ed Wood, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare and The Life Aquatic – if you have seen those movies, you will know what they all have in common. But it also carries this gorgeously fun self-awareness that makes this such a must-read book. And what kills me is even though I promised some spoilers I really do not want to say anymore because it would just ruin all the fun. But I know for certain David Avallone has really crafted something special with this one.

What else I can say for sure is that the art is a little bit whimsical, a little bit Gothic and all gorgeous. Fran Strukan and Pasquale Qualano have done such an amazing job which is only further enhanced by the colorists Maxim Simic and . It took me so long to read this book because I kept jumping back to certain pages just to take in all the gorgeous artwork.

As I have said before I will never endorse something I do not like and this book is something I really love.

Trust me on this one, The Shape of Elvira is a must read.

And if you want to grab a copy of this fantastical collection then fear not because it will be on sale from the 11th of August 2021.


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